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Keeping with our values, at Finsa we believe in a philosophy of constant improvement by rethinking existing technologies in the liquid filtration sector. Doing so, we advance step by step towards our goal of being able to offer the best solutions to all those customers who can benefit from our knowledge. In other words, by cooperating with our customers we achieve an efficient and environmentally responsible filtration process. In order to continue with our work axis, Finsa continues to give space and resources to innovation, for any idea that may arise from any member of Finsa.

Once the project is finished, we can announce our latest development: the new patented EYELETLESS system. This is a system for fixing clothes by press filters. In this new system, the design of the clothes to be cut is modified, adding a joining system by ribbons that allows to eliminate the use of other materials to join two filter clothes.  The result and main objective is to eliminate any non-textile component of the clothes by substituting the possible use of metallic eyelets and / or the use of plastic laces or flanges. Therefore, we are talking about a fabric made 100% of textile products, a fact that facilitates its treatment once its useful life is over; in other words, by not having to use anything else but the fabric to form the clothes, so we do not have to worry about different maximum working temperatures or different pH process values.

After having made the first prototypes, we wanted to objectively answer the question about the mechanical resistance compared to the traditional clamping system. Once we had carried out the relevant tests in our laboratory, we were able to verify that by using the EYELETLESS we not only obtain the same mechanical resistance but that it can be up to 7.5% higher compared to the existing systems.

Finally, we wanted to know how much time it will take to install the EYELETLESS filter cloths. Once again, we carried out the relevant tests and we were able to verify that the installation time can be reduced by up to 50% (as it does not depend on any other separate component such as the plastic flanges and the plastic pass-throughs). Therefore, we are referring to a more ecological product (being able to consider the fabric as a unit of the same composition) facilitating the management of the product; on the other hand, the installation time is reduced without paying for it in mechanical resistance and much less in filtering capacity.

Do you want to go one step further in filtration efficiency? Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about the new EYELETLESS system.


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