About us

Job Group is one of the few textile companies in Northern Europe that keeps the entire production chain in-house – from the fibre to the finished product. All our expertise and infrastructure is concentrated under one roof in Kinna, Västergötland.

This places us strategically in the middle of our customers, which include processing, manufacturing and mechanical engineering companies in the Nordic region, the rest of Northern Europe and worldwide.


Processing and manufacturing industry prefer to work together with Job group to get relevant accessible solutions to rely on.

By doing so, together we achieve satisfaction and financial strength for all our stakeholders – customers, partners, employees, owners and society.

We shall be the frontrunner in our field of business and provide functional value for our customers!

Get the Job done – Have fun!


Working closely with our customers and strategically selected partners, we aim to use all our experience and technical expertise to develop, manufacture and market technical products and services with a high functional value for all of our customers.

Our customers include processing and manufacturing industry and users of products based on high-performance textile materials.

Finsa industrial filters organization chart