Horizontal vacuum belf filters

Belts for all types of horizontal vacuum filters, of different sizes and designs, applicable for dewatering or solid-liquid separation in industries such as mining, chemical, food or paper.

Vacuum belt filters
Vacuum belt filters
Vacuum belt filters
Vacuum belt filters
Vacuum belt filters
Horizontal BELT FILTER
Vacuum Belt

The belts for vacuum filters are manufactured in PP or PES, simple or “double weave”, with permeabilities of the belt defined according to your application. These are used for industrial filtration for the separation of the solid particles from the liquid is required. The belts are of high cross sectional stability, good chemical resistance, stability at high temperatures and have long service life.

Band width can be 5000 mm.
We offer several types of finishes for this type of belts:

– Stainless steel clipper
– Synthetic clipper
– Seamless
– With welded selvedges
– With hem on the selvedges
– Glued sides
– With “overlap” and velcro
– Antistatic
– FDA Certification

Double Weave