40 años de Finsa filtros industriales


FINSA celebrates its 40 years of history in 2018 and enjoys one of its best moments. Two major crises have forced the company, which has its origins in the textile company Sala y Badrinas that closed in the 70´s, to redirect it´s path.

In 1978 FINSA was founded with the aim of responding to the demand for filtration media used in a large number of industries. Throughout these years they have experienced a continuous growth but the 2008 crisis forced them to reinvent themselves. Constantly researching and promoting export, the company now has 2 divisions: one for technical fabrics for filtration and another for architecture.

Since 1991, FINSA has become part of the German group GKD, dedicated to the production of metal and synthetic fabrics.

In 2013, FINSA also became part of the Swedish Industries Textil Job group.

These alliances have allowed FINSA’s products to be sold in more than 40 countries around the world and have a technical knowledge that allows individualized solutions to industries.

The group currently has a workforce of around 60 people and in 2017 its turnover exceeded 10 million euros.



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