Filtration fabrics

Finsa-Job|group has a wide range of high quality technical fabrics for filtration, manufactured in our plants in Terrassa and Sweden with machinery specially designed for this type of fabrics. We have more than 100 references that differ according to the mechanical characteristics of each, especially the weight, the permeability, the thickness and the weave pattern, finishes with secondary treatments according to the application.

The materials used to manufacture our fabrics are Polypropylene (PP), Polyamide (PA) and Polyester (PES) with three types of yarn: monofilament, multifilament or staple fiber. These polymers, additives and individual forms, together with the properties of the fibers used, imply enormous possibilities. Choosing the perfect combination for processes and industries, we can optimize the function and make a huge difference in solving problems with an absolute focus on the client.

Majority of the export sales of Finsa are produced and sold in the form of rolled goods to our partners in more than 45 countries. These rolled goods are manufactured using various weaving looms of up to 3,6M in our manufacturing facilities.

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