FINSA – Filtros Industriales

Specialists in manufacturing of technical fabrics for filtration

FINSA was founded in 1978 by Joaquín Badrinas Barata as a continuation of the old textile fashion factory Sala y Badrinas (1890-1978), located in Terrassa (Barcelona). Taking advantage of all the experience in the textile industry, Finsa developed its activity in the field of technical fabrics and industrial filtration. In 2013, since becoming a part of JOB | GROUP, a family group of Swedish origin, together this allowed us to achieve an exceptional position worldwide and become the leader in the filtration market.

FINSA has clients in more than 45 countries, maintaining 80% of its total production for export. We cover the entire manufacturing chain internally, including the weaving plant itself, the prefabricated fabrics manufacturing department, the R & D laboratories and the distribution department.

Through close collaboration with clients and partners, FINSA – JOB | GROUP continuously develops high-end products for industrial filtration. Our stakeholders recognize FINSA as the highly reliable partner that adds great value to their projects.

Specialists in filtration with own manufacture of technical fabrics for filtration of liquids and gases:

  • Fabrics for press filters
  • Belts for pressure filters
  • Belts for vacuum filters
  • Fabrics for rotary filters
  • Fabrics for disc filters
  • Filter bags
  • Bags for centrifuges
  • Mesh fabrics
  • Woven fabrics and metallic mesh
Finsa industrial filters


FINSA is a family business, created in Terrassa, which reflects the centuries-old tradition of Barcelona textile sector, renewed and driven by its membership in the Swedish group Industri Textil Job. The commitment of its human team offers flexibility, experience and innovation in the engineering and manufacturing of filtration solutions.
Oriented to a world market, it exercises a permanent responsibility in its action, which includes the care of its employees, the promotion of respect for the environment and the will to maintain a loyal relationship with its customers, suppliers and collaborators.


FINSA is a solid company, which perfectly handles its responsibilities and distributes its operational and work loads according to the needs of the clients and of itself.

People jumping Finsa industrial filters
Finsa quality laboratory industrial filters

Highest quality and monitoring during the production process

At FINSA, conscious of assuming our responsibility in quality management, we aim to fully satisfy the needs of our customers, in a continuous improvement of the quality of our products and services. That is why we are committed to investing our resources in R & D.

We establish channels of communication with our customers and control of our suppliers, to ensure that everything we work on a daily basis fulfills the purposes for which it was designed. Likewise, we assure, in advance, the adequacy of our products through the combination of extensive experience in the filtration sector together with tests and trials in our laboratory.

We are aware that quality must be the result of the attitude of continuous improvement and daily work. We consider fundamental the training, participation, involvement and sense of responsibility of all the Finsa staff.